I try to do this on my own even when I go into debt for a year after returning from my CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER tours-(5 years 11 tours-> 68000 miles thru 46 States. $5.00 will pay for a gallon of gas--30 miles down the road. Help us find Brittany's killer. Please help us to be able to teach people about laws that put our loved ones at risk. WHAT IF THIS WAS YOUR DAUGHTER?

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Currently in Wilmington NC, the port town, hoping for a story but quiet all day.. Last night, 9/27/14 and this morning 9/28/14 were the 10th anniversary of the 10-12 hr timeframe when Brittany was raped/suffocated. Today began the 1st of 3 days she lay dead until her.friend came by on Thursday 9/30/04. 10/1/04 the 1am knock on my door in Chandler, a young sherrif telling me "You need to call tulsa police. Your daughter has been murdered" What a journey since then, in many different ways. I sent off balloons dipped in tears as the world around us remains silent. I miss her soooooooooooooo.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mother still searching for daughter's killer ten years later

Mother still searching for daughter's killer ten years later: In 2004 Brittany Phillips was murdered in her apartment in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As her family approaches the ten year mark, her mother is still looking for answers, even here in Albany.

Monday, September 22, 2014


Brittany Phillips's photo.In Atlanta. 3rd city to not have any bites at coverage...
........trying to keep the face.
Heading to downtown Atlanta now. I hope a
few people have it in their hearts to try to
email national. With so few stories on this
12th CARAVAN, National is needed more
than ever as we head to the 10th anniversary
with never having a national voice except
mine. And I get tired, run out of money and
sometimes, yes, run out of hope. I can't always
be that strong mother who can handle anything.
Please don't tell me I have done enough, please.....
that does not make me feel better, that doesn't
matter. Her murder deserves to be solved and
laws need to be changed so we stop losing all
these beautiful young girls. This  shouldn't be such a lonely path.....
Brittany Phillips's photo.
I know its not in vain. It is just selfishly, after all the sh*** I went through with the transmission last year, then the banker from hell almost costing me the house, then the pipes bursting and the car going bad again and it being the 10th anniversary with no suspects matching our DNA and the CARAVAN tours only occurring bonce a year and 1 week of 3 is now through, I am selfishly feeling "Aw come on, don't I get to get at least 1 touchdown.......... I always go on but you know how the years were at DOC. A decade is almost harder than the murder to take because it becomes , realistically so, a solitary path. I just really really needed this to be a good CARAVAN or at least to have NAtional do a story. I have sent 100 emails to the regional city stations and probably about 30 to national. I haven't heard if anyone else is sending national queries about me soooooo. But I am a bobo doll (the clown blowup dolls with the sand in the bottom, you hit them and they fall sideways to the floor but bounce back up...problem is leaks occur........... Thanks guys for your support.
Brittany Phillips's photo.

Friday, September 19, 2014

HUSH A BYE DON'T YOU CRY...I WILL TRY.......................................

2.5 days in Dallas--no stories 2.5 days in Shreveport 2 stories--Thanks Shreveport for starting the 12th CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER tour on such a great note!!! --2.5 days in Baton Rouge/New Orleans no stories --Now in Mobile and no contact yet. Have sent more than 100 emails out total. Calls in the past have never worked.

I hoped stories would pick up this CARAVAN after last year’s transmission death shortened CARAVAN. Please, if you see the pink/purple CARAVAN Cube with pictures of my daughter, CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER on all sides and a profile of her killer on the back, it would be such a gift if some of you would let national news know you saw us driving down the road.

Why is national important? Passing out flyers on street corners helped in the first year after her murder. Yet as crime scene DNA comparisons grew to 800 suspects' with no matches, I had to do more, get her story beyond Tulsa. In addition, a parent losing a child births a cavern inside of their heart, fearing its implosion at any second. Doing something for them, in honor of them helps carry the grief.

Thus, I created the CARAVAN TO CATCHA KILLER tours. The tours attempted to help find her killer through news stories and educate communities about DNA at Conviction (DNA doesn’t mean a person is guilty, it leads to the guilty) or not funding a DNA at Arrest law, leaves women and children unsafe, because the main crimes that go unsolved without DNA are the violent ones of which 90 % of the victims are women and 9% children. Unsolved and the perpetrator continuing to harm In the last 4 years,

Tulsa detectives have now compared her killer's DNA to almost 3000 regional suspects and at least half a million in CODIS without a match (increasing the likelihood her killer could have moved on.) This increases the need for a national story. But my requests go unanswered.

Thus, I keep trying to do CARAVANs. 7 years mostly self-funded. I don’t ask friends or family for money. I've covered 100000 miles across 46 states and have been gifted 128 stories within 120 cities, all treating her story as the "girl next door". I am 59. In 7 years, I have only covered 1/10000 of what national news would. At this rate, I would be 100 before I could even match half of what national would.

Gazing upon Brittany's smile each day as I step into my car, does, at times, have me tell her story through a veil of tears. Her loss, the hollowing part of my heartbeat has not destroyed me. I know people now know her story across the US. I know together, we will diminish the number of families facing this horror. I know my petite, curly headed Britty, my dancing pony princess, her long blond curls framing her angelic face, that with her intense dark brown eyes, she reaches from the sides of my car and she pleads, "Listen to my story, help stop my killer and together also save other daughters." It breaks my heart that right now, it doesn’t feel like anyone is hearing………..


Sunrise again meets my mourning as I begin to pack up and move on from New Orleans.

I try not to be sad and I fully iunderstand why all this occurs but it doesn't make it any easier to be alone on the road, alone when I am home and not be able to find a way to achieve this mostly on my own for the last 10 years.

At the same time, I will never be able to repay those few people who have been there again and again.
The greatest recharge comes from when I am on the road. It is people passing me on the road,showing thumbs up, who talk to me at rest stops, the reporters who do find our story compelling to their communities, you all are the ones who give me strength to go on.
 But heading towards the decade anniversary in under 3 weeks, being out on the road for almost a week and only 2 strories, no responses at all from the 40 emails sent to various media in both New Orleans and Baton Rogue (these same emails have given us 14-16 STORIES ON PAST CARAVANS.

At 10 years, the primary detective has retired, community media friends, who have followed us for years in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, as most reporters do, have moved on. My CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER tours have gone from 2 times a year to 1 time a year due to what I can afford.

The time out becomes more costly while getting fewer stories,

Trying to organize the balloon release at the Capitol on 10/4/14 the 10th anniversary. Trying to get volunteers for the "Walk with Brit on Rt 66; Diminish the risk--needing 4-5 days of drivers driving the WRAP behind me, other needs. So far the usual 2-3 say they will.

I have never been able to draw many and not sure why, haven't been able to raise a reward fund etc. It seems now even less volunteers to help with events. When I am around people, they seem to be compelled to help.......................then I stand alone.

But usually I vent like this and move on.... and that is what I am doing,



Thursday, September 18, 2014


Brittany Phillips September 16 at 11:03pm · . Shreveport Thank you!!! Channel 6 and Christian Hanson and he Shreveport Times and Maya Lau, , thank you for thinking our story mattered for your city. And the people of the city who came up and talked to me today...the hugs. the acknowledgement of my loss and even voicing your own fears. This is why I do the CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER tours. Today you all helped me to possibly save lives and maybe find my daughter's killer. You all have a place close to my heart

Sunday, August 31, 2014



11th CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER 8/19/13 --present 7) Lindsey Seavart NBC KARE Minneapolis/St. Paul 9/4/13 6) Nikki Junewicz ABC WBAY Green Bay WI 8/30 5) Becky Parker ABC WDAY Fargo ND 8/27/13 4) Tim McNicholas NBC Channel 5 Hastings Nebraska 8/21/13 7/1/13 to 7/30/13 3) CRIMEWIRE --Kim Koulton 7/30/2013 2) Dr. Laurie Roth Show (BlogTalk) 7/18/2013 1). JVM MOST WANTED Jane Valez Mitchell with Jon Leiberman- 6/27/2012

10th CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER 4/14/12 - PRESENT 9) Tucker Sargent Macon NBC 5/14/12 8) Jonathan Davis Augusta NBC26 5/8/12 7)Boston Globe Online (WECN story) 5/1/1 6) Frontpage WEB (WECN story) 4/30/12 5) Jack Thurston NECN Burlington VT 4/29/12 4) Caroline Cornish NBC-Portland, ME 4/24/12 3) Beth Germano CBS Boston 4/19-20/12 2) Jon Leiberman Crimeline New York 4/17/12 1) Horace Holmes ABC 7 Washington DC 4/14/12

9TH CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER- DEC 18 -PRESENT 1) Bofta Yimam FOX Memphis 12/19/11 2) Conroy Delouche CBS Knoxville, Tn. 12/21/11 3) Erin Barnett NBC/Fox Roanoke 12/21/11 4) Chris Stover Newsplex Charlottesville 12/22 5) CBS21 Harrisburg12/23 6) Greg Thompson FOX Raleigh 12/39/11

8TH CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER 7/24/11 TO 9/4/11 1) Taylor Viydo K2TV ABC Casper, Wy 7/24/11 2) Sue Olp Billings Gazette Billings MT 7/27/11 3) Melody Burns 1300 Talk Radio Albany NY 7/27/11 4) Jill Valley-Anchor KPAX CBS Missoula MT 7/29/11 5) Alex Rosier KHQ NBC Spokane WA 7/30/11 6) Eric Wilkinson KING5 NBC Seattle WA 8/2/11 7) Matthew Templeton KMTR16 NBC Eugene OR 8/5/11 8) Kay Recede KIEM 3 NBC Eureka CA 8/9/11 9) Nick Monaccelli NEWS10 ABC Sacramento 8/11/11 10) Chris Ciero/Brad Horn CBS2 Reno Nevada 8/14/11 11) Jennifer Auh ABC 6 Boise 8/17/11 12 Matt Vanderveer NBC 11 Grand Junction 8/19/11

7th CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER-PART 1 & 11 (11/5/10 to 12/7/10) 1) Jonas Rios ABC Amarillo 11/6/10 2) Antoinette Antonio NBC Albuquerque 11/8/10 3) Jared Fields Abilene Reporter-News 11/11/10 4) Jessica Garcia ABC News Abilene 11/12/10 5) Frank Gray Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette 12/5/10 6) Maggie Crane St. Louis KMOV 12/7/11

-6TH CARAVAN (3/26/10- 5/26/10) 12) Kali Nicole Lincoln NE ABC 5/5 (Car breakdown 4/24 thru 5/2 11) Sarah Platt Fox6 Milwaukee 4/24 10) Lambrini Lukidis ABC Grand Rapids 4/20 9) Alicia Brown Fox Toledo 4/18 8) Ron Regen Cleveland Channel 5 ABC 4/16 7) Michael Wooten Buffalo Channel 2 NBC 4/15 6) Maria Luby Albany, NY ABC 4/13/10 (3 part story aired 4/30) 5) Kathryn Reynolds Springfield, Mass ABC/Fox 4/7/10 4) Myranda Stephens Fox Baltimore 4/4/10 3) Sheila Parker WSAV NBC Savannah-- 3/29/10 2) Alysa Orange/WCTV CBS Tallahassee 3/26/10 1) Tristan Sanders WCTV CBS Tallahassee 3/25/10

5TH CARAVAN 6/30/09-7/7/09 6) Justice Interrupted 7/7 5) Ryan Kendall ABC Channel 36 Lexington 7/7 4) Jamie Weis NBC Channel 18 Lexington 7/7 3) Tory Duncan NBC Huntsville,Al 7/6 2) Cathleen Otoole ABC Channel 25 West Palm Beach 7/3 1) Beau Zimmer CBS Channel 10 Tampa/St. Pete 6/30

4th CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER-DEC08-JAN 2009 (family visit 12/27-1/22/09) (12)Chris Graczyk Woaitv NBC San Antonio 1/21 (11)Martina Valverde KDBC CBS El Paso 1/18 (10) Daniel Guerrilo UNI 26 (Spanish-speaking station) El Paso 1/18 (9)Lauren Burgoyne KOLD 13 CBS 1/15 (8)April Madison KGUN9 ABC Tucson 1/15 (7)Delane Cleveland Fox 11 Tucson 1/13/09 (6)Omadelle Nelson CBS 5 Phoenix 1/12/09 (5)William Porter Denver Post Denver 1/10/09 (4)Peggy Bunker FOX31 Denver 01/08/09 (3)Nicole Vandeputte Newsfirst 5/30 NBC Colorado Springs 01/05/09 (2)Paul Sigurdson Channel 4 NBC Albuquerque 12/30/08 (1)Megan Moore Channel 10 CBS Amarillo 12/26/08

3RD CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER MEDIA -- SEPT 2008 (16)Mia Fleming Fox 23 Tulsa, OK 10/04 (15)Kiedron Dodson NBC Tulsa,OK 10/4 (14)Chris Redford CBS Shreveport La 10/3 (13)Anna Adair, Cyndi Nguyen GOOD MORNING NEW OLEANS 10/2 (12)Dustin Barnes Fox 40 News Jackson Miss. 9/30 (11)Jack Kuenzie Channel 10 NBC Columbia SC 9/24 (10)Tracy Amick Channel 5 Charleston CBS 9/22 (9)Shawn Smentana Channel 4 Charleston ABC 9/22 (8)Sharon Smith Channel 3 Charlotte CBS 9/22 (7)Jummy Olabanji Channel 3 CBS of Norfolk, 9/19, (6)Lauren Bercarich Local12 CBS Cincinnati, OH 9/7/08 (5)Rebecca Rector WHAS 11 ABC Louisville, Ky 9/6 (4)Steve Burgin WLKY 32 CBS Louisville, Ky 9/5/08 (3)John Chrisos News25 ABC Evansville, In. 9/4/08 (2)Woodruff, Latresha Woodruff Fox 16 Little Rock 09/02/08 (1)Cecillea Pond-Mayo Channel 4 NBC 09/01/08

2ND CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER MEDIA -- MAY 2008 17) Channel 9 Oklahoma City Mary Joseph 6/2/08 16) Lynn Kawano Fox 4 Dallas 6/1/08 15)Ben Watson WMC 5 (NBC) Memphis 5/29/08 14)Jennifer Johnson WSMV 4 (NBC) Nashville 5/28/08 13)05/26/08 Kristen Johnson WDEF 12 (CBS) Chattanooga 12)Kim Fields WTVC 9 (ABC) Chattanooga 5/26/08 11)Amanda Rosseter WSBTV (ABC) Atlanta 5/24/08 10)Paige Tucker WJBF (ABC) Augusta 5/19/08 9)Candace McCowan Fox Savannah 5/18/08 8)Tristan Tully WSAV 3 (NBC) Savannah 5/18/08 7)Beau Zimmer Channel10 (CBS) Tampa5/11/08 6)Jessica Donofrio Local6 (CBS) Orlando 5/9/08 5)Blaine Tolison WCTV (CBS) Tallahassee 5/7/ 4)Tiffany Craig WKRG 5 (CBS) Mobile 5/6/08 3)Krystal Allen WLOX 13 (ABC) Biloxi 5/4/08 2)Keitha Nelson WAFB (CBS) Baton Rouge 5/2/08 1)Jennifer Dodd KSAT (ABC) San Antonio 4/30/08

1ST CARAVAN October 2007 Larry Hatterberg Channel 10 Wichita 11/10/07, Farah Fazal Channel 7 Omaha 11/8/07, Dan Martin Channel 27 CBS Youngstown Ohio 11/4/07 Glen McIntyre Channel 10/Columbus Ohio, Anne Rubin Channel 5 ABC St. Louis (St. Louis) Oct 14

OKLAHOMA MEDIA CONTACTS--CRIME SCENE MEDIA /BACKGROUND STORIES (1)Lori Fulbright Channel 6 (CBS) Tulsa — (2))Casey Roebuck Channel 2 (NBC) Tulsa (3) Abbey Alford Fox23 Tulsa (4) Nicole Marshall -- Tulsa World (5) Kim Jackson Channel 8 Tulsa (ABC) (6) Loren Farr Tulsa Community College Public Channel April 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


A am a mother on a mission of love trying, through law change, to protect other parents and family members from going through the never ending echo of loss that I have since Brittany was murdered. This walk is to publicize the need and have lawmakers, who vote against these laws, publically answer why they do not want to protect women and children

Description The tenth anniversary of Brittany Phillips (my daughter) murder/burial, 10/4/04, is just around the corner.......a decade since someone raped/suffocated her after he broke into her 2nd story apartment (next to the high school she graduated from) or was waiting for her to fall asleep. The birth of WALKIN WITH BRIT ON RT 66 occurred because at the turn of this decade, even though we have DNA from 2sources from the monster, and have compared it to 3000 regional suspects and half a million in CODIS, we have yet to match and suspect sample to our crime scene DNA sample. The WALK will start at the apartment complex where she was murdered and end at the OK Capitol to address OK lawmakers who've blocked our DNA at Arrest bill for 5 years. Each year behind closed doors (like 23 other States) they vote to protect violent criminals, yet allow women and children to live at risk. Women and children remain at risk because most violent predators will have arrests covering 10-20 years before they ever get convicted. Examples of these timelines of preventable crimes (crimes that would not occur had their DNA been taken at arrest) will be placed on lawmakers desks. . FOR FIVE YEARS Lawmakers pass laws behind closed doors, where they don't have to hear that the majority of crimes that need DNA to identify the attacker are the violent ones of which 90% of victims are women and 9% children. FOR FIVE YEARS LAWMAKERS HAVE VOTED IT IS OKAY FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN TO LIVE AT RISK. THIS WALK WILL ASK THEM PUBLICALLY "WHY IS IT OKAY TO LET WOMEN AND CHILDREN TO LIVE AT RISK.

HISTORY OF BRITTANY'S MURDER AND THE CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER A decade since lead detective, Jeff Felton and post his retirement (still works on it), Eddie Majors, began the never tiring work keeping the case from turning cold but mystery remains unsolved.

Within this decade, 8 years ago LAMAR Advertising began a 4-year rotation of our billboard around sites in Tulsa..

Within this decade, since 2007, with the unbelievable gift from FELLARS and Midwest Wraps, of a WRAP for my RAV 4, in 2011, a WRAP for my Nissan Cube, the 1st CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER tour began. Now 11 tours completed in my pink/purple "wrapped" CUBE with pictures of Brittany embedded on the butterflied background (raped/suffocated Tulsa 9/27/04), CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER on all sides, a profile of her killer on the back.

Within this decade, my CARAVANs covered 100000 miles across 46 states as 126 reporters gifted us with stories about Brittany’s murder mystery, helped us us seek tips,, educate communities about laws that put women and children at risk of the same fate as Brit. They've shared Brittany’s story as ‘the girl next door.” Not because a grieving mother travelled thousands of self-funded miles on a misssion of love by herself but because they knew Brittany could be their daughter. They passionately shared how, when half the States refuse to take DNA at Arrest. they allow violent criminals to remain in our communities years with possibly multiple arrests without their DNA being identified. Sadly this puts all our mothers, daughters, loved ones at risk because the majority of the crimes needing DNA to solve are violent ones where 90 % of the victims are women, 9 % are children.

Within this decade through media stories and miles on my missions of love, I met community members, reporters, local law enforcement, DAs, lawmakers, other grieving parents, as well as thousands on highways. The thumbs up as people drove by or hugs at rest stops, gave me courage to carry on.

A decade since Brittany’s murder, since she was torn from my arms, from my life. My breath escapes me as I feel passed time. Even with my success of local news stories, the need intensifies with the story getting older. One time a year for my daughter who will never get older, limits who can hear our story, exposure that is 1/100000 of people national news might reach and I won't reach before I die.

A parent losing a child, has a cavern open in their heart. It beats in irregular mourning that creates a sense of future imploding, My CARAVANs, amid the never-ending loss, give me breath that calms the moaning, the ignitable beating of the heart.

Now, in a sadly similar pattern happening almost every year of this decade, chaos/cost hit my life and threaten to shut down the 12th CARAVAN, the Decade of Loss memorial and my “Walk with Brit on Rt 66; Lessen the risk,” Car problems (currently $1000) still ongoing. I may face $ 1000—4000 plumbing costs . The unethical practices of the home warranty company 1) delaying appointments for 4 weeks, 2) after a 15 minute appointment and taking my 75, 5 days later denies any coverage. This means I will have to buy a larger tankless water heater, have it rewired for shower and replacement of water pipe.

What more can a mother do when the only breath she has is in threat of being taken away. Now a decade, with no CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER tour and national news still ignores., our story has more chance to die. I know there is no reason but days like this I go"What have I done wrong,? I treat trauma clients now soldiers for almost 30 years. I try to save other dauhter's lives. I have even paid tolls forward for anyone behind me for the last 7 years............... I am tired.

General Information 1) Walk will start Sat 10/11 in Tulsa near Union High School & the apartment where she was killed 2) Walk will connect to Route 66 and will be followed through Bristow, Stround , Chandler, Luther to Edmond and then down to the Capitol 3) Goal is 20-30 miles a day 4) Media and public forum stops in cities along the way. 5) Needs--- a) VOLUNTEERS to drive my car behind me- I need volunteers to commit and not back out at last second. The event fails if a driver doesn't show. b) NEED INFORMATION IF ANYONE KNOWS ABOUT PERMITS c) Need sponsors--gas, water, publicity

Sunday, August 3, 2014

10 years......How can it be a decade

Within a few months, I face the 10th anniversary of Brittany's murder. Hopefully, the 12th CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER tour will begin mid September. Yet like 7 years out of the last 10, this year right before the anniversary and a CARAVAN, car problems and house pipe problems, may impac the funds to be used for the CARAVAN. Since 2007 I’ve completed 11 tours in my pink/purple "wrapped" CUBE with pictures of Brittany embedded on the butterflied background (raped/suffocated Tulsa 9/27/04), CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER on all sides and profile of killer on the back.

As I face a decade since her murder, behind me are 100000 miles travelled across 46 states where 126 reporters gifted us with stories about Brittany’s murder mystery, helping us ask for tips and, more so, to educate communities about laws that keep women and children at risk of the same fate as Brittany.

A decade since someone raped and suffocated her after he either broke in to her 2nd story apartment (next to the high school she graduated from )or was waiting for her to fall asleep. A decade since the crime scene DNA started being compared to suspect DNA, now over 3000 Oklahoma suspects and probably half a million in CODIS.

A decade since the lead detective, Jeff Felton and post his retirement (still works on it), Eddie Majors, began their never tiring work that still keeps the case from turning cold. Even so, the mystery remains unsolved.

  Within this decade, 8 years ago LAMAR Advertising began the 4-year rotation around sites in Tulsa, of their donated billboard. Within this decade, 7 years ago, reporters across the US began to tell Brittany’s story as ‘the girl next door.” Not because I, the grieving mother, was travelling thousands of miles, self funded and by myself but because reporters understood her murder could happen to anyone as long as there are at least 24 States that refuse to take DNA at Arrest. They helped me raise community awareness regarding risks of waiting to take DNA until conviction and how this allows dangerous people to live within our communities until convicted and how the majority of the crimes that need DNA to help solve, are the violent crimes where 90 % of the victims are women and 9 % are children. Within this decade, 7 years ago (10/7/07), through unbelievable gifts from FELLARS and Midwest Wraps, of a WRAP for my RAV 4 and in 2011, a WRAP for my Nissan Cube,. the 1st CARAVAN TO CATHC A KILLER tour began. Now, these self-funded missions of love have now visited visit 115 cities across 46 states. and allowed me to meet community members, reporters, local law enforcement, DAs, lawmakers, as well as thousands met on highways in-between. The thumbs up as people drove by or hugs at rest stops, each experience gave me courage to carry on. A decade since Brittany’s murder, since she was abruptly taken from my life.

My breath escapes me at the passed time. Even with my success of local news stories, my now, one time a year CARAVAN has only given us exposure to 1/100000 of people national news might reach.

, When a parent loses a child, a cavern opens inside their heart that beats in irregular mourning. To quiet a sense of imploding, my CARAVANs give me breath beyond the never-ending loss. What more can a mother do..

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Trying to breath. Working towards 10th anniversary of Brittany's murder/burial, to be able to be able to afford the 12th CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER tour for anniversary & starting organizing my WALK WITH BRIT ON RT 666 TO DIMINISH RISK-a walk from Tulsa murder site to Capitol of Oklahoma to publicize need to pass Oklahoma's DNA at Arrest law after 6 years----but 1) Car is acting up-may be 2nd transmission,like last year's is dying--so may need new trans then 2) plumbers came today to find why upstairs tankless was not heating, why pipes in sinks back up from upstairs/downstairs toilets. RESULTS(a) tankless water heater may be wrong size,so might need new larger one--meaning rewiring-etc which warrenty might not cover (b) checking pipes, tried to find outside drain pipe--NOT.. If house doesn't have one, warrenty company won't let them rod pipes, and then they won't address problem so warrenty won't cover. This means if roots have blocked the pipe, I will have to pay for deconstruct and new system........really.......really....really

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

HUSH A BYE, I'LL TRY NOT TO CRY AS YOU SLEEP MY LITTLE BABY..............................

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

My heart

I wish I understood...why my wrapped pink purple SUV, my travels, my daughter's story, my attempt to save other daughter's is turned away from by national news, even when it is stuck in front of their face. Again someone goes out of their way, selfless, with empassioned heart, amid their own story being told on an ID show, to try to get the producers to recognize our story... My heart fluttered that once agin, this time, direct contact might get our story told.. But so far, not even an intial co...ntact. My heart hurts. We hit the 10th anniversary of burying her on her 19th birthday on 10-4-04. Now after 7 years,( through the unbelievable gift of my wraps, from Fellers and Midwest Wraps), of criss-crossing the country across 48 states, pushing our story to at least 2-3 of each state passed through as part of the 100000 miles I have carved through on my CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER TOURs, almost always self funded in order to get 120 reporters to share her story in hopes of tips, warning communities about laws that put our women and children at risk.

But those cities do not match even 1/10000 of what national news would cover. I gladly put myself in debt each year but each year the story gets older, the car breaks down more and more. I've gladly spent the 60-80000 but in these later years, things like transmissions dying, house falling aprt, sale and buying of house troublesome it gets harder. I have no partner to assist, no funding from any source, so last summer on my 11th CARAVAN- $ 6000 to travel 13000 miles for only 6 stories for the 3 weeks of travel hurt me financially all right after my trans broke down. Earlier eyars I spent the same but got 10-16 stories.. And all these years, I have yet to hear of anyone else doing this for their murdered loved one....isn't that enough... Brittany needs her murder solved, people need to fully understand DNA

Sunday, May 11, 2014


On Mothers Day remember the mothers, daughters, loved one lost because lawmakers in 23 states refuse to learn true facts about taking DNA at Arrest, blocking laws that would save lives. On this mothers Day remember how lawmakers in 23 use lies and distortions about DNA and privacy (the 14 pieces of evidence DNA don't hold genetic information which some of your hundred of thousands pieces of DNA may hold) to block DNA at Arrest laws. On Mother's Day remember that the main types of crimes that can't be solved without DNA are the violent ones of which 90% of the victims are women and 9% are children. On this mothers if you live in one of the 23 States where lawmakers keep block taking DNA at Arrest, that your lawmakers are saying it is more important to protect violent predators than women and children in your community and that you have no right to feel safe. Join Brittany's Brigade and ask your lawmakers IF THIS WAS YOUR DAUGHTER

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Monday, October 7, 2013

9 years of loss and I walk on .................

At times my heart aches so badly, I feel as if I am folding in on myself. Other days you give me the energy to live life to the fullest. I know in my heart my purpose is to work in an area that would help save others lives. I know my work as a trauma therapist somehow translates to that but I just can't find that open door.....I know it is there. And I know if I could find it, I could carry your loss in an even stronger me find that door. I have spent these nine years trying to stay main line, doing what I needed to pay bills and survive. I have lived through everything that tried to even make daily living break downs, abusive work place, seeking law change for 4 years and it being blocked, almost making national news and always losing out, slow CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER tours that had few stories but cost so much money (but fueled by love), Haven't I hit enough hard blocks to finally break through? Some days it hurts so hard and I get so tired on this solitary path, looking and not finding. I MISS YOU MY DANCING PONY PRINCESS