I try to do this on my own even when I go into debt for a year after returning from my CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER tours-(5 years 11 tours-> 68000 miles thru 46 States. $5.00 will pay for a gallon of gas--30 miles down the road. Help us find Brittany's killer. Please help us to be able to teach people about laws that put our loved ones at risk. WHAT IF THIS WAS YOUR DAUGHTER?

Friday, June 5, 2020

COVID19 and the murder of my 19 year old daughter in 2004-Still unsolved

The COVID has been hard but I m trying to get back to her murder. Two new podcasts will be heard in the next month. CASEFILE from Australia is Next weekend June 13. I will post it here. We had to stop our reward fund push and I had to stop my CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER TOURS. I have completed 20 through 250000 miles through 48 states with more than 300 regional reporters sharing our story. Still no National news and now more than ever we need you to write, email, call National news about us. Thinking of getting an RV and wrapping it if hotels are too chancey. As many know, our main DNA profile led us to someone who is most likely not our killer. This was thru CeCe Moore's analysis!!Thus the parabon Phenotype picture of a Caucasian male is no longer valid. It could be anyone. We have to go over all the old evidence and suspects of all races now.


  1. Hi Maggie,
    I’ve just finished listening to Casefile’s episode about your daughter and although I’m from NZ and don’t have any new information about the case I wanted to reach out and let you know that your devotion and love for your daughter really moved me. I’ve listened to hundrends of episodes and while all extremely tragic and heartbreaking, hers really stood out to me. Brittany was incredibly lucky to have such a loving, strong and dedicated mother and I’m sure she knew it. Please never give up. Sending love and prayers from New Zealand - I’ll be thinking of Brittany and watching this case in the hopes that one day soon her killer will be brought to justice xx

  2. Hi Maggie,
    I too have just listened to Casefile from New Zealand, and was incredibly moved by your story and your long search for the truth.
    It’s difficult not to think of your own children, and how you would react, and I like you, I would never stop until justice was served, even if it took many years. The strength you have shown is truly inspiring, and I know there are tens of thousands of people around the world right there with you, every mile you travel, every town you visit!
    Was any of the blood beneath Brittanys finer nails ever sampled / stored? Dr. Mark Perlin from Cybergenetics in Pittsburgh featured on another Australian true crime podcast, and can supposedly pull DNA profiles from particularly small amounts of blood using new techniques. May be helpful.
    Good luck Maggie. I will be following your search very closely and will celebrate when the person who took your daughter from you is brought to justice. You are not alone!
    Steve in NZ.

  3. Just listed to the Casefile episode of your daughter in Afghanistan. Just wanted to wish u luck in finding her killer. Stay strong!

  4. Hi Maggie, I just listened to Brittany’s Casefile episode and it brought me to think of some weird things that happened to me while I lived in an apartment complex in FL in 2008. The complex attic access was a similar setup to what was described in the episode and I think we would be about the same age (born 1985). I would often experience items in my home moved around when I was not home and once while I was in the shower. I called the police on one occasion, replaced my locks, and had friends search the attic access several times. Another girl my age in my complex experienced the same thing and had shoe imprints left in her carpet coming from the attic space that we shared. I don’t know if Brittany ever report anything like that to you but I felt the need to mention it after hearing the episode. Not something I’ve thought about in many years. Good luck and don’t give up hope!

  5. I just finished the case file episode. You deserve so much and and Brittany deserves to have justice. Your love and devotion to this shows that a mothers love has no limits. You are amazing and strong. Her killer will be found, because YOU are going to find them. Thank you for fighting so hard for her! I hope you come to Ded Moines, IA sometime!

  6. Hey Maggie. I just came from the Casefile episode and am absolutely heartbroken for you. I too am eighteen and can’t help but see my friends in Brittany. You are a wonderful mother and I urge you to keep standing strong. Through the years you have persevered and I know the love you have for her; and her for you - will soon put this case to rest. I offer my rosary today to Brittany and your family, and I’ll keep you and her in my prayers. I wish I could do more for you and this case. Love from Singapore.


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