I try to do this on my own even when I go into debt for a year after returning from my CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER tours-(5 years 11 tours-> 68000 miles thru 46 States. $5.00 will pay for a gallon of gas--30 miles down the road. Help us find Brittany's killer. Please help us to be able to teach people about laws that put our loved ones at risk. WHAT IF THIS WAS YOUR DAUGHTER?

Saturday, December 31, 2011

To all parents, loved ones of those viciously, inhumanely taken from physical parts of our lives, I pray for ongoing strength in this New Year. I hope you hear, if you haven't yet, the chorus they sing together for us; beside us, above us as we take the steps we do each day. I hope you feel them dancing with us, making us stronger.

Life is but a momentary touch
found when taking a chance,
chanced steps through love’s
door that births lifelong dances.
We dance the back and forth
of gift and loss, of pain and joy
done to an opus of exuberant choruses.
And even if, within a moment’s notice the music stops,
dark fear is short lived that dances will end.
We soon dance stronger and longer
to ethereal music begun,
because of that time together.
12/31/30 MZ
With gratitude for all the kindness shared, with hope for continued strength..... Maggie Zingman Mother of Brittany Phillips 10-4-85 to 10-4-04

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Ah responses from NYC/national media/nor from anyone who, (from my suggestions), followed up my national queries with their emails nor ideas about other media. If I didn't ask, I would never know if someone might know something. Guess will head home late wed or early Thursday. Someone said try sleeping in Wal-Mart parking lot. Could work for not having money and exposure. Although proud ...that I have done most of the 9 CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER- TOURS on my own funds (35-$45000) with my single limited income that goes to bills, crises like water heaters and broken cars and a little to son, by not eating out, nor going to movies, doing only what is free, travelling is just caravans no vacations, at the same time there is an ache in my heart that I can’t afford things or can’t raise interest in others helping raise funds for things like profilers, cards to be handed out in prison, reward funds, all which would help solve Brit’s murder. Sadly many of the unsolved murders are about lower andlower middle income families who justy don’t have resources or time to add to their investigation. I guess that is why I designed Brittany’s Bridge, trying to gather as many of the unsolved homicides as I can and get people to share the compiled and hopefully growing lists with their own PDS. Please keep spreading the word. I would really appreciate it if anyone wants to explain toe if any of these ideas are offensive or come across wrong

Please don't forget to spread the word about Brittany's Bridge. I am seeking out unsolved homicide survivor families and friends to contact me with whatever information they can share on their case. This will begin the foundation of a national network of all of these cases. Initially, in small numbers, we will exchange our stories with each other and share other unsolved homicides with the local P...D. I will create the MAster list. All you will be asked to do, is give the list to your detective or local PD. If you don't have anyone to give it to or feel uncomfortable, I will create a connection. I have walked into many PD's across the US and had conversations with their sargents etc. Just think if the group gets large enough, think of the network of information that will be shared. You won't need a CARAVAN to get the word out. Please share with all friends and contacts on your email, on your website, etc. I can be contacted at or you can call at 9186292317

Dateline, 48 hours, The First 48, all always do such great investigative shows. Please anyone who agrees, write them about the need beyond the important jobs issues, the missing and abducted, the across the ocean murders, please do a story about all the unsolved homicides that dot our nation that I have heard about on my 53000+ mile mission of CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER. Visit and

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The Ninth CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER-PART ONE has begun. Memphis was unbelievable. Bofta Yiman, the Fox reporter and her photog spent a few hours with me. They aired our story at 5 and 9 that night and the morning show intro'd and aired it in different ways at least 4 times. People in the community let me know they saw it and were moved. Moved hopefully to look at the DNA at Arrest laws and rape laws and statutes.
Why is it that every time we finally catch a killer of a young woman, his DNA matches backwards over 10-15 years and multiple victims (I have many case examples of this). This often occurs for a few reasons. We find that these predators have been arrested but rapists often aren't convicted because the defense lawyers still, even in the modern world, develop some doubt with juries that somehow the victim's behaviors contributed to it. Yet rape has been proven to be a violent act that only uses the sexual act as a tool of violence.And judges and lawmakers can have these unsupported beliefs. Thus they don't even get convicted and are free to rape again and if their state doesn't take DNA at arrest, there is no record, no way to match his DNA to the crimes. It remains unidentified. And if they get convicted many judges will give them minimal sentences so they are often let out before their DNA even gets up into the system.

Have a story with Knoxville tomorrow and then a story in the afternoon in Roanoke!!!. Then to NYC. If anyone knows media there it is a hard nut to crack!!