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Thursday, August 22, 2019


I am devastated. After 15 years using a DNA profile from 2 sources that logically seemed our killer, and after we had the Parabon phenotype picture developed, our DNA was analyzed by the best and she found a direct hit. Per protocol, the case was developed to look at him and his DNA obtained in the way it should after there is a hit, and it matched. BUT in the interview with him and two others, it was found, due to airtight alibi, that he couldn't be our killer.

GOD!!!!!!!!!!!This means all suspects we compared our main DNA profile to must be relooked at. This means we do not know if he is Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, Asian etc etc.  IT COULD BE ANYONE! Tulsa Police department c seemed to think it was not important to share much of this information with me like alibi, etc. IF THEY DID I wouldn't have many questions. Past detectives and past head of homicide always shared info with me and told me not to share and I didn't. This current detective treats me as if he doesn't trust me and I have never given him any reason
HOMICDE FAMILIES NEED  INFORMATION, ESPECIALLY LIKE OURS, TO BE SHARED WITH THEM SO THEY CAN UNDERSTAND. ESPECIALLY WHEN A BIG CHANGE OCCURS. OR THEY NEED TO BE TOLD WHY THEY CANNOT HAVE THAT INFORMATION!!! God it is SOOO simple. I have been doing this 15 years and I fully understand  about hurting a case and I train PD and homicide families to understand both sides
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  1. I've been quiet too long as to not upset/ interfere with investigation. In lieu of recent DNA news I can no longer worry what others think.
    I've had a personal profile of this killer for yrs but have been too reserved to talk about until now. I was timid to state LE had been sitting on DNA for years, but they have all but proved it and then some. They will not and through the years have not let out any extra information for sleuthers or public or the like( worst of all the mother apparantly) to investigate. I know they need to hold on to some details in case of arrest, but I've never seen a more closed mouth case in my life! I'm going to educate myself with the Freedom of Infomation Act so I can get my hands on info. This would unequivocally better define my personal profile, enlighten my fellow web sleuthers, bloggers, public, etc. to better compare to other similar researched cases and the spectrum that entails. If better informed the possibilites could be endless if not result in solving the case. Some true gumshoe work is at hand and I knew would be all along.
    For instance, my questions years ago on the killer's DNA found at scene were as such...was it seminal, saliva, blood, hair, etc? If not seminal, how do they know she was raped? Was there tearing and bruising in the area? I wanted answers to these questions before and still after we still got phenotyping etc for obvious reasons. Apparantly this Parabon guy had an iron clad alibi. What was it? So just because he stayed the night there with his girlfriend they went off that? Howcome her DNA wasn't assumed as Brittany's killer? Get what I'm saying? WAS or WASN'T his DNA found on her body, if so, WHAT TYPE was it? Something is VERY wrong with this investigation! I want to know, if he was right here in Green Country(or not and was living under a rock) why didn't the little prick or the girl he was dating ever come forward in these almost 15 years? Are we to believe they weren't aware? Puleeze! WTF? How did she and he exactly slip through the damn cracks LE? Please detectives explain this to me! I say he(if not her too) should be held criminally accountable for costing so much time and money for not coming forth. Withholding information damn it! There has got to be some law legality stuff for that or whatever! Unless it can be logically explained otherwise I stand firm on this seemingly sad and truly unforunate display of recent events and all that it has and will encompass in the future.
    I'm so confused my head is spinning and if you as a reader or follower of this case is not outraged or questioning just what the Hell is going on with the people in charge of this case then shame on you.
    We have yet to grasp what the recent events will truly mean for this case IMO.

  2. I saw your latest Facebook comment on your meeting, maybe Mr. Majors could make at least some facts known to the public as well.

  3. Chopped and out sync maybe? theory I had started(had for yrs), but was thwarted:
    That would answer so much! Skip on lots of speculation for amatuer sluethers, as would the rest of my questions...was she nude when found? Face up? Face down? On side, in fetal position? Was she posed? Was her hair mussed or in a pony tail? Did she have ear rings in? Bed made or unmade? Defensive wounds? Had she showered prior?
    The ENTRANCE -
    I don't believe he came through the attic, bcuz there would of been fibers left behind saying so, not to mention marks in the attic. You can tell me a person can scale through there without disturbing the dust, debris or leaving marks they had passed through there, almost impossible in my book, that's why I find this point of entry almost ridiculous.
    IMO he did not enter through the 2nd story balcony doors because it was too wide open to the rest of the lot and other apts etc. Too easy to be seen, I could be wrong but I think there is a light pole near there as well that would seem unappealling to an intruder. So, I'm throwing this out too. I'll explain further why in a bit on this option of coming and going.
    Front windows, I cant recall if it one large or two small by front door...I've heard there was a screen off, if so, was it bent? Off to the side? Were the windows locked or unlocked when LE checked the crime scene? Did she have mini blinds, any blinds? Were they bent? Misconstrued? Did she have curtains? Were they open pushed to side etc? The reason I do not think this was the point of entry either was bcuz had LE found yes answers to any of these questions they would've zeroed in on this and pretty much excluded other options, IMO.
    Front Door - I've read the door was cracked/left open a few inches(I'm basing my theory on this info until otherwise known). I'm also ruling out a service man tried to pose as so as it was after business hours when this occured. And I'm ruling out a person that wondered off the interstate or what not for her apt faces a storage lot(unless they are out of town tied to this option) and an open field at the time. My point is her apt is off in the back, compared to an open faced to the street and other apts, you have to be back there or know where she lives to find it IMO. That is also why I think he entered through the front door versus balcony doors(if concealing motives) because it is somewhat hidden from the majority of onlookers as opposed to not. Like in a fire, people will most commonly flee a fire through an exit they commonly use as an entry. After the murder he most likely left as he came in, the door is very telling to me. Not sure until I get more details but she probably let him in, I'm not sure on this like I said, but we can assume he didn't ambush her as she arrived home bcuz her purse was laid on a table undisturbed or turned over I believe meaning she probably had time to casually set it down versus her being forced in with it, makes sense to me on that.
    TO LE: Again, disregard the spray painted message left there and any efforts to investigate it or bring to your attention.
    I'm sure it was nothing.

  4. I just listened to your story on the Unresolved Podcast. I was so hopeful the DNA would eventually be matched, so I came here to your website to see any new updates. I am absolutely devastated by the news that they’ve been testing this DNA for 15 year and it’s not the killer. I have so many questions as I know you do. Where was this DNA found for them to even believe from the beginning that it could be the killer. I am so very sorry. Keep your head high.


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