Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Heading to Bowling Green for last chance story in Kentucky. People in cities, on road great but no media contact from multiple attempts to contact. Home for a week or so to work, replenish funds, then back out to Northeast states. Still trying to get Brittany's name on our DNA at Arrest bill that passed after eight years hard work. Starting at year 4 of fight, I asked every year thereafter. Just received email from ProTem,...too late??. 1) I asked prior to the bill being drafted this year but somehow the Assistant didn't ask until too late. 2)I didn't do these 8 years for the name on the bill but it hurts they didn't think of it anyway. ..**Yes the law being passed is most important, but over years I watched at least 5 of my "family" of murdered children get a)their murder nationally publicized, then solved and their murdered child's name on their States law. I am only human and want that legacy for my child...And now I sit here with 1 story in 1.5 weeks........152000 miles and 152 stories but no national overage, no solving and now no name on law.........my heart hurts


  1. Young girls are sleeping safe in their beds tonight bc of your efforts, without even knowing it, as it should be...you are my Hero. Thank you for putting one foot in front of the other, one mile marker behind the next. Will email u soon. Thank God for you!


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