Monday, April 9, 2012

‎10TH CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER-A GO!!!! WILL LEAVE TOMORROW 4-6AM. Decided to head thru Louisville--10 hrs. Then 9.5 to DC. I really am touched (sure some people think I am lol) by the donations. Please don't apologize for you feeling it is small. No gift is small and it really touched my heart that people took the time to far as I am concerned---A DOLLAR EQUALS DISTANCE EXTENDED! Someone told me about putting little cars on the website that could have initials. I may try to do that!!! You all are in my heart whether it as a donation or well wishes!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow tuesday I may not be online alot. If you need to contact me you can text or call 918 629-2317...Maggie

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