I try to do this on my own even when I go into debt for a year after returning from my CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER tours-(5 years 11 tours-> 68000 miles thru 46 States. $5.00 will pay for a gallon of gas--30 miles down the road. Help us find Brittany's killer. Please help us to be able to teach people about laws that put our loved ones at risk. WHAT IF THIS WAS YOUR DAUGHTER?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


A am a mother on a mission of love trying, through law change, to protect other parents and family members from going through the never ending echo of loss that I have since Brittany was murdered. This walk is to publicize the need and have lawmakers, who vote against these laws, publically answer why they do not want to protect women and children

Description The tenth anniversary of Brittany Phillips (my daughter) murder/burial, 10/4/04, is just around the corner.......a decade since someone raped/suffocated her after he broke into her 2nd story apartment (next to the high school she graduated from) or was waiting for her to fall asleep. The birth of WALKIN WITH BRIT ON RT 66 occurred because at the turn of this decade, even though we have DNA from 2sources from the monster, and have compared it to 3000 regional suspects and half a million in CODIS, we have yet to match and suspect sample to our crime scene DNA sample. The WALK will start at the apartment complex where she was murdered and end at the OK Capitol to address OK lawmakers who've blocked our DNA at Arrest bill for 5 years. Each year behind closed doors (like 23 other States) they vote to protect violent criminals, yet allow women and children to live at risk. Women and children remain at risk because most violent predators will have arrests covering 10-20 years before they ever get convicted. Examples of these timelines of preventable crimes (crimes that would not occur had their DNA been taken at arrest) will be placed on lawmakers desks. . FOR FIVE YEARS Lawmakers pass laws behind closed doors, where they don't have to hear that the majority of crimes that need DNA to identify the attacker are the violent ones of which 90% of victims are women and 9% children. FOR FIVE YEARS LAWMAKERS HAVE VOTED IT IS OKAY FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN TO LIVE AT RISK. THIS WALK WILL ASK THEM PUBLICALLY "WHY IS IT OKAY TO LET WOMEN AND CHILDREN TO LIVE AT RISK.

HISTORY OF BRITTANY'S MURDER AND THE CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER A decade since lead detective, Jeff Felton and post his retirement (still works on it), Eddie Majors, began the never tiring work keeping the case from turning cold but mystery remains unsolved.

Within this decade, 8 years ago LAMAR Advertising began a 4-year rotation of our billboard around sites in Tulsa..

Within this decade, since 2007, with the unbelievable gift from FELLARS and Midwest Wraps, of a WRAP for my RAV 4, in 2011, a WRAP for my Nissan Cube, the 1st CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER tour began. Now 11 tours completed in my pink/purple "wrapped" CUBE with pictures of Brittany embedded on the butterflied background (raped/suffocated Tulsa 9/27/04), CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER on all sides, a profile of her killer on the back.

Within this decade, my CARAVANs covered 100000 miles across 46 states as 126 reporters gifted us with stories about Brittany’s murder mystery, helped us us seek tips,, educate communities about laws that put women and children at risk of the same fate as Brit. They've shared Brittany’s story as ‘the girl next door.” Not because a grieving mother travelled thousands of self-funded miles on a misssion of love by herself but because they knew Brittany could be their daughter. They passionately shared how, when half the States refuse to take DNA at Arrest. they allow violent criminals to remain in our communities years with possibly multiple arrests without their DNA being identified. Sadly this puts all our mothers, daughters, loved ones at risk because the majority of the crimes needing DNA to solve are violent ones where 90 % of the victims are women, 9 % are children.

Within this decade through media stories and miles on my missions of love, I met community members, reporters, local law enforcement, DAs, lawmakers, other grieving parents, as well as thousands on highways. The thumbs up as people drove by or hugs at rest stops, gave me courage to carry on.

A decade since Brittany’s murder, since she was torn from my arms, from my life. My breath escapes me as I feel passed time. Even with my success of local news stories, the need intensifies with the story getting older. One time a year for my daughter who will never get older, limits who can hear our story, exposure that is 1/100000 of people national news might reach and I won't reach before I die.

A parent losing a child, has a cavern open in their heart. It beats in irregular mourning that creates a sense of future imploding, My CARAVANs, amid the never-ending loss, give me breath that calms the moaning, the ignitable beating of the heart.

Now, in a sadly similar pattern happening almost every year of this decade, chaos/cost hit my life and threaten to shut down the 12th CARAVAN, the Decade of Loss memorial and my “Walk with Brit on Rt 66; Lessen the risk,” Car problems (currently $1000) still ongoing. I may face $ 1000—4000 plumbing costs . The unethical practices of the home warranty company 1) delaying appointments for 4 weeks, 2) after a 15 minute appointment and taking my 75, 5 days later denies any coverage. This means I will have to buy a larger tankless water heater, have it rewired for shower and replacement of water pipe.

What more can a mother do when the only breath she has is in threat of being taken away. Now a decade, with no CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER tour and national news still ignores., our story has more chance to die. I know there is no reason but days like this I go"What have I done wrong,? I treat trauma clients now soldiers for almost 30 years. I try to save other dauhter's lives. I have even paid tolls forward for anyone behind me for the last 7 years............... I am tired.

General Information 1) Walk will start Sat 10/11 in Tulsa near Union High School & the apartment where she was killed 2) Walk will connect to Route 66 and will be followed through Bristow, Stround , Chandler, Luther to Edmond and then down to the Capitol 3) Goal is 20-30 miles a day 4) Media and public forum stops in cities along the way. 5) Needs--- a) VOLUNTEERS to drive my car behind me- I need volunteers to commit and not back out at last second. The event fails if a driver doesn't show. b) NEED INFORMATION IF ANYONE KNOWS ABOUT PERMITS c) Need sponsors--gas, water, publicity

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