I try to do this on my own even when I go into debt for a year after returning from my CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER tours-(5 years 11 tours-> 68000 miles thru 46 States. $5.00 will pay for a gallon of gas--30 miles down the road. Help us find Brittany's killer. Please help us to be able to teach people about laws that put our loved ones at risk. WHAT IF THIS WAS YOUR DAUGHTER?

Saturday, April 28, 2012


10 miles from Burlington, a couple reconfirmed why I do this mission. Circling down the mountain on I-89, I looked over at a car I was passing and a man was waving something, (like money) in his hand and motioning over to the side of the road. I stopped, a woman jumped out the car, said. "We just looked you up on line. We have 19 yr old son (like Brit) who we are going to pick up in Champlain and it touched our heart, so we want to help",she gave me $20, a hug and they drove off. I started crying the minute they left, once again touched by peoples support. It also reminded me of Burlington/Vermont I knew years ago as I attended Goddard College for a year. Only in Vermont!!

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