Sunday, April 8, 2012


Friday I feared last Sept's CARAVAN could have been the last. I hoped a small loan would go thru. It should have but a mistake in the credit file nicked it. The reporting credit agencies will make changes but it will take a month. I feared I couldn't get on the road with funds at the level they are and knew work would not let me off for a long time if I had to wait. 4 yrs I've tried doing this on just my money, not take handouts, not beg. But I knew I had to do something with our our 7.5 year on-the case detetctive retiring, the best suspect after 6 weeks not matching our DNA profile, it felt necessary I get out, help generate tips, get movement on the new detective's first months. (He'll be good I think) .
Well people touched my heart the minute I put the call out. I NOW CAN SAY THE 10TH CARAVAN STARTS TUESDAY. I knew many miss Britty,want to help but I knew money was tight. Even so, I asked people to go to our website to do our paypal. I noted, if 3-4 people donated $1., that would be a tank of gas. SOME PEOPLE WENT THERE BUT DONATED MORE THAN 1$.. I also tried to get creative. I said I'd work for donations. NO TAKERS ON THAT YET. I said I'd come to houses and wash cars for a donation... CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER CAR CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would come to houses to get quarters.....hey I got it!!! CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER COLLECT THE QUARTERS!!! I will go to OKC, Tulsa, Muskogee. I plan to leave Tuesday. I AM STILL WILLING TO WORK With gratitude Maggie

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