Friday, May 4, 2012

Northeasterners you warm my heart!!!

I am in awe, deeply hubled, warmed, feel supported with all the contacts thta have come from the Yahoo website.New England Cable News NECN tends to be quality reporting, He said Tahoo has picked up many of their stories because they report on what people can identify with. I told Jack if keeps this up I could faint! 1st I get a story in a city I didnt get the last time I was there, Then it is with a News Service that is boradcast in 7? states AND THEN it gets picked up by Yahoo. Geeze Louis. What an extended gift. Then the 1st of being pulled to the side of the road for a donation, someone seeing me driving in to a town and trying to find a way to contact me before I even get to hotelOf course that just confirms I should be doing this 24/7. Then there are these new contacts..... I hope people know how much this contact means to me

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