As a trauma therapist for 30 years, the last 11 as a psychologist ,
I am happy to answer general questions; about her murder, or violence against women.
Feel free to ask anything related to surviving a loved one's murder, or anything else like..........
a)Why do people respond differently to traumatic events?
b)Will I always have these intense symptoms from these "bad" events.
b1) A survivor myself of trauma before Brittany's murder, I know and believe someone doesn't have to live with all the intense initial responses to these awful events.You don't hvae to live damaged for your whole life. Many people dealing with losses of homicide, sickness etc,including me find doing something in honor of your lost loved one helps the grief.
b2)You can use the anger at whoever or whatever took your loved one to not let their actions consume you 24/7. 3)One thing that will keep you in a "bad" place is being consumed with why, why did this happen. We think if we can make sense of it we will feel better NOT! Searching for the "why" blocks the grieving because you wait to grieve until you understand. There is no why? It happened. c)If you experienced "problems with notifications, ongoing investigations, trials, etc., let me know. I train 1st responders to homicides etc because of the many "issues" related to notifications to not being asked if I wanted to view her body(none of this done out of meaness but lack of awarenss that what they think is protective can hurt). PLEASE REMEMBER YOU CAN DO A COMMENT HERE OR EVEN BETTER SEND EMAIL TO


  1. You're a therapist. That's why you are so unfocused and all over the place.

    Why do you think a FBI profile is wrong? Is yours better? Age 13-60...c'mon! Try 16-30 and most likely
    17-24 would be better. Area? 2000 mile radius? Get real! Most likely within 3 blocks and closer to inside the apt bldg itself. But, 5 mile radius will work if they drive.
    A public service job? Try no job at all.
    They can determine approximate death time unless they went to college with you.
    High risk behavior-you nailed that one!Anyone willing to rape and murder isn't a wallflower.

    1. I am rolling on the floor laughing. So your life is so boring you see if you can get a mother of a murdered child upset? Thanks for the entertainment and giving me another suspect to send to detectives who can and will find your email address---especially your last statement. And obviously all you know is the "typical " FBI profile and don't know how to think outside the box. Maybe you could learn something from detectives while you are sitting in joail

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