Friday, September 28, 2012


Between now, this eve of the 24hrs within which Brittany was murdered until her birthday/burial day 10/4/04 make a pledge to yourself and also someone else to do something that helps the world be a little safer.... from getting your neighborhood to all turn on porchlites to writing a lawmaker about needed law change in sexual assualt and DNA laws....Impact the world through this week (9/27 --10/4) BRITTANY'S BREATH Brittany's life was taken but we breathe her and a safer world into existence through the little steps we take with each breath!


  1. Maggie, I want to help you.

    1. Great except I do not know who you are or how to contact you
      with gratitude Maggie

    2. My apologies, is the Ph# on the site still current I assume? I have a suggestion, or two. What is a good time to reach you 2morrow? I realize it's an extrodinarily heavy week for you and loved ones. My email is


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