Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Trying to breath. Working towards 10th anniversary of Brittany's murder/burial, to be able to be able to afford the 12th CARAVAN TO CATCH A KILLER tour for anniversary & starting organizing my WALK WITH BRIT ON RT 666 TO DIMINISH RISK-a walk from Tulsa murder site to Capitol of Oklahoma to publicize need to pass Oklahoma's DNA at Arrest law after 6 years----but 1) Car is acting up-may be 2nd transmission,like last year's is dying--so may need new trans then 2) plumbers came today to find why upstairs tankless was not heating, why pipes in sinks back up from upstairs/downstairs toilets. RESULTS(a) tankless water heater may be wrong size,so might need new larger one--meaning rewiring-etc which warrenty might not cover (b) checking pipes, tried to find outside drain pipe--NOT.. If house doesn't have one, warrenty company won't let them rod pipes, and then they won't address problem so warrenty won't cover. This means if roots have blocked the pipe, I will have to pay for deconstruct and new system........really.......really....really

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